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FlyCam is a fully insured, johannesburg based business providing professional aerial Photography and medium lift cinematography.

We work closely with creative teams of any size, businesses and individuals to bring concepts to reality, delivering  technical perfection in high demand environments.  We will take your next creative project / event to new heights!

Our pilots are skilled professionals and can operate in the most challenging environments…weather permitting.

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About FlyCam

FlyCam drones have state-of-the-art stabilized gimbals to carry all of our cameras, ensuring steady aerial HD shots. Our drones are equipped with global positioning system (GPS) receivers and extremely sensitive altimeters to maintain a steady position in any wind to capture the best aerial footage. We can follow GPS-guided routes at precise altitudes, excellent for photogrammetry and site inspections.

FlyCam also uses a real-time video downlink to frame our photos and video from the drone to a hand-held monitor.


Industries • Events we cover.

Entertainment • Real Estate • Property Development

Festivals | Outdoor Parties / Events | Weddings | Team Building Outings | Location Aerial Shots | House & Garden Walk-Throughs +++

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